Friday, June 17, 2011

The Nursery

When I first told people I was pregnant, we had some friends tell us, "I hope you're prepared ... our child's nursery cost us over $5000."

Olivia, I love you, but you do not get a $5k nursery! I set off to do it as inexpensively as I could manage and I think we did a great job!

The curtains were my only real splurge. $50 for the set from Target ... but they were so perfect! I had planned on making something very similar, but these just had to be the ones. Faux silk and pink. I was in love!

The crib was new for safety reasons. $114.

The rug was “stain resistant” from Garden Ridge - $100.

The butterfly mobile above her bed was a gift from her boss.

The “Olivia” art was $12 from TJMaxx.

The Lamb blanket over the end of the crib was $3 from Mamacents.

The Sleep Sheep white noise machine was a gift from a friend.

The white picture frames were from Wal-Mart for $12 total.

The bookshelves were from a garage sale for $10. They’re real wood and I have 4 more that I haven’t’ hung yet.

Crystals and candle holders were from our wedding.

The books on the shelves were from garage sales, and we didn’t pay more than 25 cents each for them.

The purple and white bunny was a gift from her Aunt Emily for Easter.

The photo of the mother and child statue was a gift from my cousin Wendy,

Noah’s Ark was $3, also from Mamacents.

The dresser and mirror were my Craigslist steals! $50 for the dresser, mirror, and hutch (the hutch is in the closet).

The lamp was $5 from Goodwill.

Lamb letters were $8 from Hobby Lobby.

The changing table … FREE off of Craigslist.

The changing pad and cover were gifts.

The all pink baskets were $9 from Garden Ridge.

The patterned baskets were gifts.

The wipes warmer was a gift.

The stuffed lamb was $8 from Babies R Us.

The stool we bought years ago.

The sign above the window was $5 from Hobby Lobby.

Plus about $20 in paint.

The crib mattress was $50.

The sheets were gifts.

The curtain rod I already had.

The dust ruffle was a curtain we bought at a garage sale for $1 and my mother made into a skirt.

The blanket on the crib was from a garage sale for 50 cents.

The glider was $30 from Craigslist.

The fabric and accessories to recover the glider was $70.

That is a GRAND TOTAL* of $561.50! Am I cheap? Maybe. I just couldn’t see spending $1000 (or $5000, eek!) on a room that’s she’s probably going to tell me she hates in a few years. I think it turned out wonderfully and we love it.

*We did replace the floors in here before we decorated. I'm not counting the $300 that cost beacuse I would have done that anyways and consider it part of our home renovations.

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