Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Non Olivia Video Demonstration

Play a little:

And get a little:

I've been singing "Shake Senora!" for the past two days because Olivia just cracks up every time. This morning I decided to play the video during tummy time to encourage her to stay there a little bit longer. (Note: I did not know there were so many nekkid lady be-hinds in the video before I played it. I'm sure she won't remember!)
She loved it and was reaching for the phone. I think she was attempting to roll over, and got her back leg up under her, which propelled her body forward (see 25 seconds into the second video, that's exactly what it looked like). THEN she proceeded to do it two more times and reach the phone! Oooh baby was she pleased with herself! Who knows if she'll do it again, but she army crawled this morning! We did some Shake Senoraing around the living room and called Daddy to brag.

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