Monday, June 27, 2011

Days of Our Lives - iPhone Edition

I've seen several people doing iPhone blog updates ... kind of like a week in review via pictures from their phones. I must be a horrible pictures taker, because I don't have enough pictures to do that weekly, but here's a recap from the last month or so?

Getting your feet in your mouth could be a full time job.

 Olivia was rolling through the room and come up and instead of seeing the ceiling, saw the underside of the coffee table. That's 30 minutes of entertainment right there, folks.

I can't decide if rolling over regularly is a good thing or a bad thing. She sure loves it, but she wants to sleep on her side. Great, except that usually ends in her rolling onto her back and waking herself up. It sure is sweet looking, though :-)

 Olivia celebrated her first Father's Day.

 She looooves her new swing.

 Dressing room fun (I clearly forgot to brush her hair that day ...).

 She had so much fun trying on clothes, she wanted to go shopping again right away.

 As of yesterday, she's in her big girl car seat. She outgrows the infant seat at 30", and I don't think she's quite there, but she's big enough it was getting a little silly. She took to the new seat right away.

These next two pictures obviously aren't from my iPhone, but worth sharing non the less! I finally got a new car! After three months of shopping I found a Honda Accord. My payment went down over $100 a month. In fact, it's the cheapest car payment I've had since I was 16. That alone is awesome, but better yet ... the Accord will get 23ish mpg. That beats the heck out of the FX's 12 mpg!

(And it has the all important sun roof ;-)

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