Monday, May 9, 2011

More April Pictures

Our friends Dennis and Heather had a very handsome little boy on April 8th! We all enjoyed a wonderful dinner out when he was just a week old. Parker James:

 Olivia enjoyed Parker's toes.

We technically ended up doing her monthly photos twice. She was not in the mood the first time, and I didn't like her outfit on camera.

But the next day, I did get some sweetness from my Sweetness :-)

 "What ... is ... on ... my ... head?!"


 "Mom, enough with the pictures."

At her 4 month appointment, she was 25" long which puts her in the 77% for height. She was also 18 pounds, 12 ounces! Originally, the nurse wrote 100% on her chart, but the doctor explained that would mean she was bigger than every other baby and then she added, "And there's at least one!" She crossed out 100% and wrote >99%. And for the record, I do know of at least one baby chunkier than Olivia, haha! No one is worried about a thing though, because she's breastfed she's healthy. I love kissing on her chubby cheeks!

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