Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And The Little One Said

Roll over!!

That's right - she finally rolled over! Olivia had a big weekend ... first with sitting in a big girl chair (i.e. a high chair) at Santa Rita for lunch, then she decided she'd roll over. "No big deal, I'll just roll over here real quick ..." Uh huh! We do everything under the sun to encourage her to roll over. Then on Sunday, I laid her down on her tummy real quick to get her Jumperoo ready, and she just kicked herself right over, like she was an old pro! She hasn't done it since, but dangit at least I know she can!

May pictures have gotten out of control, so here they come. Naturally, I need to post 20 different versions of the same picture, because she is just that cute. I'm being nice to y'all - these are the best 20 (okay, 28) out of 229. I'm that mom, huh? I never saw it coming.

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