Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gender Predictors

There are a ton of old wives tales about gender predictors. Just for fun, here's my results:

- If you're carrying low, it's a boy. High, it's a girl. I'm definitely carrying high. Although, it could be argued that much of that is OEM parts (original equipment manufactured ;-)

- Heartbeats: Below 140 beats per minute is a boy, above 140 is a girl. The lowest beats per minute we've counted was 153. It's usually in the 160s.

- Salty cravings mean it's a boy, sweat cravings mean it's a girl. Let's see ... strawberries, mangos, donuts, ice cream, Cinnamon rolls ...

- Chinese Gender Chart. I was 26 when I conceived in April.

- The Mayans predicted sex by the mother's age at conception and the year of conception. If one is even and one is odd, they say boy. If both are even or odd, they predict girl. 26, 2010.

- Breaking out ... the myth goes that girls steal their mother's beauty, hence a face full of zits. Let's just say, I had to buy some neosporin from fear of scaring and all my pictures are edited for red splotches before publishing.

- Tie your wedding ring to a string and hold it over your belly. If it goes in a circle, you're having a boy. If it goes in a straight line, you're having a girl. I had to make-do with what was on hand here, so my wedding ring on a rubber band:

It went back and forth in a straight line. Even weirder, it went in a circles whenever not hovering over my stomach, but every time it went back over my belly, it went in a straight line.

- Lots of morning sickness? Girl. Little to none? Boy. I was nauseous all day every day for the first trimester, but only actually threw up a handful of times. So compared to some of the horror stories I've heard, I'm guessing boy with this one.
That's 6 votes girl, 1 vote boy.
Friday cannot come soon enough!


Juicy said...

To dispell the last one, I had TONS of morning sickness. From week 5 til week 16 and then again the entire third trimester.

And the Chinese gender thing? It says girl for me.

I carried both high AND low. ;)

But all the others were correct w/ their boy predictions. And you know what I ended up with.

I seriously can't wait to see what name you'll pick for your little girl!! ;)

(funny enough, the word verification is "prics", as in um, male parts? hahahaha!)

Christy said...

All of the old wives tales were correct for me (though the Mayans were incorrect!)

Have fun tomorrow, looking forward to hearing the news!

Sara Louise said...

Well, I guess you can't complain about the Mayans being wrong, seeing as they also supposedly predict the end of the world in the not too distant future!!

jscotth said...

Busted! I didn't know you had a blog! Just one more way to look over your shoulder...

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