Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Baby Dream

I've had lots of weird pregnancy related dreams, but no dreams with the baby in it ... until last night. I was warned they would be weird, but ...

My parents and Chris and I were getting dressed up and going to the opera (um yah, that would be weird enough on its own). However, we were running late and just decided to go have dinner instead. We went to a very fancy ... out door restaurant ... located under the Mopac bridge that goes over Convict Hill and Brush Country ... in the dirt ...

Anyways, I was still "pregnant" but instead of the baby growing in me, we had it in a giant hamburger. I'm talking a 12" hamburger with all the fixings. We had this hamburger sitting on the table with us at dinner and her little feet were sticking out of the burger where we could touch and play with them.

Cute, weird .... and I have no idea where that dream came from.

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