Friday, February 6, 2009

Always Gracefull

This is one of those moments where I'm definitely glad I'm alone ... so I don't know why I'm sharing this!

I'm rolling around in my office chair and I notice ... my purse is moving with me. Crap, the hande is stuck underneath the rolling wheel again. I spin half way around while half way upside down trying to figure out which wheel has my purse hooked. I realize it's the back wheel. So I stand up - BAM. I have my headphones in my ears which are hooked to my computer. Headphones wrip out of ears, speaker hits monitor, monitor falls in chair, Sara falls on her ass trying to catch her big expensive monitor.

Everyone and everything is okay, but that definitely goes down as one of my most ungracefull moments, ever.

1 comment:

Juicy said...

WHAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! That's awesome. I just wish you could have caught that on tape.

I do hope you're alright, but picturing that was just hilarious. Sorry. :)

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