Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Health # 1

Health # 1: Go to Yoga 25 times (4 out of 25 completed). I didn't exactly go to a class, but I did one of the yoga DVDs I have at home - followed by a 10 minute ab workout! The only problem - I did it at night. Now I'm too energized to go to sleep!

I think I'll try to start doing yoga on the weekend mornings. I never have time on Saturday and Sunday to go to the gym. Also, I'm paying for a gym membership, I'm going to use it Monday through Friday, dang it!

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Juicy said...

do arms bend that way? That looks weird. Good luck with that. I tried yoga once or twice but I am not flexible nor am I very stretchy. :)

If you have Time Warner, check out the exercise on demand channel, there's always a bunch of yoga things on there you could try.

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