Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Uncompletable: Just for me # 32

Just for me # 32: Send my MP3 Player in to be fixed.

Circuit City sucks.

End of blog.

YAH right?! Have you met me? LOL I always have more to say than that. I bought my MP3 player (a Creative Zen ... but when they brake all the time, they don't bring much zen) at Circuit City. I also bought the protection plan. My sister, dad, brother, and husband all had the same MP3 player and same protection plan. Becaues the MP3 player sucked so much, they all used it. They sent in the player, got a gift certificate and got a new MP3 player.

But me?? Noooooo. My MP3 player dies. I go to Circuit City (like a year ago) to get the information to send it back in. They can't find the warrenty in the system, they say I need my receipt. Funny because when you buy this, they make a point to say, "You don't even need to keep your receipt, just give us your phone number!" Well I'm smarter than the average bear and kept my receipt. Granted you can hardly read it, but after much arguing with the sales associate at Circuit City she agrees I should have the warrenty.

She gives me the info, I call the company and they send me a box with a pre-printed address to send in my MP3 player. I send it in, but the box comes back as undeliverable. I'm not so happy. This has all taken about 6 months because I'm lazy.

Then I heard in December that Circuit City is filing for bankrupty. I panic and go in there to get the information to contact the company again. Circuit City assures me that my warranty will still be valid because it's through a third party company. I take the info and spend a month of calling every few days trying to get a hold of these people. They are ALWAYS closed - at every imaginable time, they are closed and their web page is down.

Come to find out, Circuit City can't get a hold of them either and think that either the third party warrenty company is either a scam or has itself gone out of business. Under normal circumstances, Circuit City would be responsible for the warrenty anyways, but since they are going out of business - good luck getting anything done. And in the mean time, my warrenty expired on January 22. LOL when I was in Circuit City, there was a line specifically for customers with "warranty" issues and there were 10 people talking about starting a class action suit. What? against a company that is about to be non-existant? Over a piece of electronics?

I decided to go find some Zen and get over it. They can sue, I'll be busy listening to music. My cell phone is also an MP3 player, so I bought a memory card for it and it's all set to go. Now I just need to not be lazy and put some songs on it ;-)


Juicy said...

I would so not be Zen if I were in the position you are in. You're taking the high road, though and that's admirable. Good for you. I'd still be bitching and kvetching about the warranty and stupid people at Circuit City. We could all use a little zen in our lives.

What's wrong with the thing? There's a guy in San Antonio who fixes mp3 players-specifically he replaces batteries. It's a good racket because those damn batteries in the iPod are pieces of junk.

Dennis Meeks said...

I love you....way to find Zen in a moment of stress.

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