Thursday, January 3, 2013


It's that time of year again. I'm pretty good about making resolutions I can keep. I'm not sure if that means I set the bar low, or I'm an achiever. Probably the former. ;-)

This year is a pretty specific list compared to last year. Last year I wanted to be more present in my time with Olivia. Mission accomplished. I feel like I actively enjoyed our time together, gave her one on one attention, and was aware of the moments I wanted to treasure. I'll do things backwards around here, and start with looking forward to 2013. Some goals I jotted down real quick:

1. Make some career path decisions and go back to school. Take at least 3 classes in 2013.
2. Potty train Olivia.
3. Exercise at least once a week.
4. Read at least six books.
5. To assist with number 4: Less social media, especially around Olivia.
6. Less screen time for Mommy and daughter.
7. Spend more time cultivating my friendships.
8. Finish the projects I have started around the house: Master bedroom, living room, and hallway are all ALMOST finished.
9. Start and finish remodeling the half bath and laundry room.
10. And because I need an even number: Finish the dental work I started earlier this year.

What I'm most nervous that I won't accomplish is number 10. I'm not very good at following through on some things. Things being dentist trips that usually involve Xanax. UGH.

I'm the most afraid to admit to number 1. I'm excited and scared! Mostly, I'm scared that I'll talk about it and not actually register or take any classes. I have a reoccurring dream about college: I start classes, then completely forget I'm enrolled in school. I remember at the end of the semester, but by then I'm so far behind it's like they're literally talking another language in the class. Sigh. Like I said, excited and scared.

Speaking of dreams, here's my daily Liv cuteness. She had to get a lot of beauty sleep leading up to her big 2nd birthday!

Sleeping Beauty

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