Thursday, December 1, 2011

Because I Need to Get This Out

My boss says this morning, "What is with your life right now?" I know, right??

Sunday: Come home from Thanksgiving to find out that our HVAC – AC and Heater are completely out. It’s freezing in our house.

Monday: Lost my sunglasses that I love and have had for 6 years. Dead car battery AND a flat tire on the way to work. Sugary, sticky baby medicine has leaked all over everything in my suitcase. Find out my mother’s house was robbed while we were out of town. First estimate of missing items: $3K.

Tuesday: 1.5 hours of sleep, sick baby, migraine. Find out an irreplaceable family heirloom was also stolen from my parents’ house. Monetary value - $26,000. Sentimental value – Priceless. Heartbroken. This pretty much ruins Liv’s graduation from her helmet.

Wednesday: Find out it’s going to take 10 days for the police to enter the stolen items into “the system” and start looking for the items. By then, I’m sure they’ll be long gone. Spend the day looking for them myself. Oh yah, work sucks. Baby still sick. Still no sleep. Shop for sunglasses, and they don’t even sell them anymore at the store I go to. Buy new laundry hampers for bedroom, but got the wrong size and had to go back at 10pm. Go to HEB and forget the thing I went for – milk.

Thursday: Drive all the way to work only to realize I left my computer at home. It’s only 8:26am on Thursday as I write this, so I’m sure this day is just getting started.

And this lovely little list doesn’t include any of the small things like smashing my finger in the ladder, my phone keeps crashing and it’s battery life from full to dead is currently at 2 hours, I’m dehydrated, I’m out of my happy pills, Chris told me last night that we’re hosting a reunion planning party on Friday night and my living room is literally in pieces. It’s 4 weeks till Liv’s birthday party and I have no kitchen, and haven’t even sent out the invitations. I’m out of body wash. I spent Liv’s birthday party money on space heaters and makeup. I’ve slept in twice this week. I’m pretty sure my boss is mad at me for calling in sick on Tuesday (oh and being late every day). I forgot to bring lunch to work today. I don’t have enough breast milk for Liv this weekend while we’re out all night at Chris’s high school reunion.

I could go on, but this is making my 8 day headache get worse.

Oh, and the hypochondriac in my thinks Liv might have Whooping Cough. And this doesn't include a single mention of my sister's drama right now, which could fill a whole post twice this long.

Despite all this, I still smile everyday because of this girl:

Liv's First Mud Pie

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