Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's On Her Head?

Olivia has brachycephaly. In other words, she has a flat head from spending so much time on her back. This video explains it pretty well, with the only differences being she has brachycephaly instead of plagiocephaly (her flat spot is symmetrical, not lop sided) and she doesn't have stiff neck muscles.

Olivia's new head gear:

She's had it since Monday, August 22nd. We went for her first adjustment on Monday the 29th, and she already shows improvement! Her head grew 2mm, which accounts for the quick changes. When she took her bath last night, I was surprised at how much of a change I could see already! The squareness in the back has really softened up. I'm so proud of her :-)

Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics, BTW.

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