Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday, Monday, Monday

It most certainly is. My to-do list is about 45 items long, most of them urgent. I got 1 ½ done today. SIGH.

So instead of bitching about how stressful today has been, I'm going to recall my super fun weekend!At some point Friday, Joyce played a fun word on Words with Friends. I'm 12 years old and giggled my butt off ... enough that I took a screen shot that I've been dying to share with someone!

Quinn went chasing after some raccoons in my parents' yard. Apparently, he got pretty darn close:
(Is it weird that I'm proud?)

Friday night, we played Taboo at Julie's house for her birthday. I am MUCH better at Taboo than I am at pictionary. And thank goodness ... the last time we played pictionary, I drew a shark and no one could tell what it was.

Saturday morning, we had brunch at Cypress Grill for Julie's birthday.

Sunday afternoon, Mom and I were supposed to be cleaning of their boat to get it ready to sell. We accidentally had margaritas instead!

Later Saturday afternoon, we took Quinn to the Spring Rescue Rally at the Hill Country Galleria. So much fun! I love being around so many rescued dogs.

Saturday night ... more celebrating Julie's birthday! We had sushi for dinner, and went to Doc's for a few more drinks afterwords. Julie did a fabulous job of keeping me entertained on her birthday!

Then Sunday kicked in ... my back is hurting so bad I can't do anything and I was lonely without Chris in town. So anyways ... that's where the fun stopped and I'm not going to start in on the bitching, because that gets me no where.


Juicy said...

I only got NINE points for that shit too!! Damn! :)

And did you know that "bitch" isn't an acceptable word?! That's actually a word and it won't take it. Hmph!

You have too much fun on the weekends, I'm jealous.

Juicy said...

oh and I love Taboo!! We need a game night!

ashley said...

ummmm why aren't we playing?? off to start a WWF game with you! :-)

Guava said...

"Accidentally" having margaritas sounds like an excellent way to spend an afternoon, ha ha!

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