Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday?

How does this work? Am I supposed to have a specific topic, and if so -from where? Or do I just make up ten things?

1. I was thrilled to see sunshine on my lunch break!

2. When did I quit wearing makeup? I'm long past being embarrassed to go ... anywhere ... without makeup. Now I only put it on for special occasions.

3. I have watched the video of Bandit in the "snow" about 375 times today. I literally smile the whole time, every time. I just love that dog!

4. Chris told me, out of the blue, last week that he thought I was doing a "good job" on my fingernails and that they always looked nice. And I really, really, really loved that compliment.

5. It is very hard to Facebook stalk someone when you don't know their last name.

6. I am apparently very cheap. I need boots for this winter but can't bring myself to spend $100 + on ankle booties.

7. Speaking of money I don't want to spend - my blow dryer finally and officially died this morning. No air passing through except in smoke form is probably a bad thing. Buying a blow dryer is very far down my list of things I like to shop for :-(

8. Chris has convinced me to keep my car. I'm starting to like it a little bit more every day.

9. My parents have lived in their house for 16 years. It's going on the market any day now. I have so far succeeded in not crying over this yet, but that is not going to last much longer.

10. I wish Christmas tree scent came in a bottle (and actually smelled like a fresh Christmas tree) that I could spray on my fake tree. Yes, I cheat in ways like that.


Juicy said...

hee! great list. And no, you don't need a topic, it's all random. whatever you want to talk about or share.

I'm laughing that you love the compliment about your nails. Mine look like CRAP, so I'm a bit envious too.

(and I never wear make-up either. never really learned how to apply it w/o looking like I'm wearing a mask, so I just quit)

Juicy said...

oh, and it is also hard to fb stalk someone who makes their darn page private! stupid private people!! ;)

Sara Louise said...

Well I'm glad I got my first Ten on Tuesday right! Haha!

And I couldn't agree more on private FB pages. It used to be that only half the people have private pages ... now everyone does and it's so disappointing ;-)

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