Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Updates, Schmupdates

So ...

Family, Friends & Pets #3: Find Chris a dentist. CHECK! We found him a wonderful dentist that he actually likes. Dr Candy Rodriguez has been wonderful and we are finally getting the daunting task of "fixing" Chris's teeth behind us.
Also, Health #2 is about me finding and going to a new dentist - I'll be seeing her as well! So that step is half way done, right?!

Soo I'm going to put "Finish wedding thank you cards" on the uncompleteable list. I'm a terrible person, I know. I was really, really thankful for everything we received. I even got about 3/4 of the way through writing my page long thank yous, and I printed wedding pictures for everyone. I think I just tried to shoot to high to show my thanks and ended up showing none. I'm so emberassed!

House #13: Power wash the house. CHECK! It's so bright and clean now :-)

House #24 is 1/3 done ;-) I hung the blinds in the downstairs bathroom. Now Kat will pee at my house.
And Just For Me # 31: See an IMAX movie!! Ohmygosh, this was so much fun. Mostly just the whole experience was great. We took Mom for Mother's Day to see Star Trek at the IMAX (a wonderful gift idea from a friend :-). The whole entire freakin' family went and we had a blast. However ... the IMAX gave me major motion sickness. The movie, though, was great!

And I leave you with even more pictures of my tormented dogs.

(This picture above just describes Bandit's personality so well!)

I think that's the "leave me alone, I'm sleeping and that flash is annoying" face.

On to Kimber! Enjoying her nightlight "Checkup"

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