Friday, April 10, 2009

My First Ma'am

Obviously, people who encounter me in a professional situation call me ma'am occasionally, especially when I'm the customer and they are the servicer (Chris, that's not that funny). However, I've never been called "Ma'am" by a random stranger ... until last night.

Somehow I got talked into going to Midnight Rodeo (a mistake I won't make again), and as usual it was filled with people just a few years younger than me ;-) This kid bumped into me, as happens in crowded bars, and turned around to say, "I'm so sorry, Ma'am - are you okay?"

:::I will not cry - Sara, be nice, he doesn't have a clue what he just did and is just trying to be polite::: "Yes thank you, I'm fine" ... walk away, burst into tears.

Last weekend we went to Prauge. The door guy spent much time examining the girls' IDs in front of us and seriously didn't even look at mine - just waved me by like, "Oh you are an old hag, I don't need to see that." Then a kid calls me Ma'am?!?!?!?!

Back to my normally scheduled anti-wrinkle-cream-applications.

One way out is all you're ever gonna get
From those who'll hand it out don't never let it upset you
Cos they'll put words into our mouths they're making us feel so ashamed

Making us take the blame
Making us cold in the night
Making us question my heart and soul
And I think that it's not quite right

Hey! stay young and invincible
Cos we know just what we are
And come what may we're unstoppable
Cos we know just what we are

Feed your head with all the things you need
When you're hungry
Stay in bed and sleep all day as long as it's Sunday
Cos they'll put words into your mouth they're making you feel so ashamed


Juicy said...

I have a moment between naps, so I'm trying to catch up on blogs...

Your FIRST ma'am? Honey, I get 'em all the time! I must be an old hag for sure, you're just getting to hagdom. You're at the front gate and they're processing your passport. I'm taking a speed train to Hagville.


MrsMonkey said...

The last time I was checking out at Spec's, the lady carded me and said "Oh! You don't look that old!" Umm. . .thanks?

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