Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good News! // New Item to List!

First of all ... the joyous news!! Honda called and gave my life a sunny new outlook. My $4000 transmission job had jumped up to $5800 because it turns out the seatbelt censor was cracked and the seatbelts weren't locking and all this caused 2 motor mounts to break (read: driving death machine -- remember, the transmission was falling into reverse while I was going 50mph. This goes well with no airbags or seatbelts and a engine about to fall out of the car). Anywho, the GOOD NEWS is this it ALL ... as in every stinkin' penny, covered under warrenty. As in it will be **FREE** Honda could teach Toyota a thing or two! We'll leave my Toyota sucks rant for another day.


And I just thought of something else for the list. Having almost broken my elbow last night during a PMS rant ... I will start trying natural/herbal/organic remedies to ease PMS. Chris will like this one. I think I'll put it under the Friends and Family catagory, LOL.

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